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Early Childhood & Nutrition Programs

Funding Needed

Waltja is currently seeking funding to continue working in the area of Early Childhood and Nutrition Programs. We would welcome dialogue with Philanthropic or Government agencies in order to continue our work.

Waltja has extensive experience in delivering a range of projects and programs that support the development of innovative community-driven early childhood services. This is achieved with sensitivity and an awareness of the unique value system of Indigenous families.

Early Childhood Training

In 2010 to 2012 Waltja developed training material to deliver Certificate III in Children’s Services in response to community interest and the need to develop workforce capacity in early childhood services on the APY Lands in the far north-west of SA. The training was developed so that participants fulfilled the requirements of the qualification.

Participants were able to bring together their own knowledge and experience and learned useful and relevant knowledge from the wider early childhood field. The training also reflected:

  • Anangu knowledge of children
  • Anangu child rearing practices
  • Conditions in remote communities
  • English language/literacy capabilities
  • Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara language

Waltja is looking for future opportunities to support community-driven, early childhood services in Central Australian communities.

Early Childhood Resources Developed by Waltja

Tjitji Kulunypa Tjuta “Little Children”

This Book was developed as part of a childcare training program funded by DEEWR on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands. It contains Language and early childhood knowledge from Anangu People on the APY Lands, but is also relevant to all students of early childhood care and education. We welcome the book to be used by other language groupd Australia wide.

The workbook contains information, photo’s, graphics, quizzes and useful planning sheets. It covers the national requirements for some units of Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and also incorporates Aboriginal knowledge of early childhood.

Tjitji Kulunypa Tjuta -Little Children
This workbook is for people who want to study to work in childcare, playgroups, preschools or child and family centres. This book includes 4 units of the course Certificate # in children services. 1. Help Children to Develop 2. Help Children to Play and Learn 3. Keeping Children Healthy and Safe 4. Making food for Children
Pipirri Palya – Kids are Good
the Pipirri Palya - kids are good project was funded to support and strengthen families in the central Australian region. The project focused on the healthy development of children. Pipirri Palya was designed to provide practical assistance to parents with babies and young children. the project aimed to support parents in the traditional settings.

Pipirri Wiimaku – None available at this time.

Waltja works with its Management Committee of Aboriginal women to design,  implement and support culturally appropriate programs aimed at strengthening families and their communities. In Central Australia region Waltja has been working with women and families to establish support and maintain community based child care services for the past none years. This Project started as a result of the issues being encountered by the communities in developing their early childhood. “Kurdu Kurdu Kurlangu” is a Walpiri child care service located in Yuendumu, a remote Aboriginal Community about 300 kilometres west of Alice Springs. The service commenced operating in late 1997