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Tjitji Kulunypa Tjuta -Little Children
This workbook is for people who want to study to work in childcare, playgroups, preschools or child and family centres. This book includes 4 units of the course Certificate # in children services. 1. Help Children to Develop 2. Help Children to Play and Learn 3. Keeping Children Healthy and Safe 4. Making food for Children
Pipirri Palya – Kids are Good
the Pipirri Palya - kids are good project was funded to support and strengthen families in the central Australian region. The project focused on the healthy development of children. Pipirri Palya was designed to provide practical assistance to parents with babies and young children. the project aimed to support parents in the traditional settings.
Warrki Jarrinjaku Jintangkamanu Purananjaku – Working Together Everyone and Listening
Aboriginal Elders living in the remote desert regions of Central Australia are deeply concerned about the health and well-being of their children. Their communities have endured massive changes in recent years , and many instances the crisis of colonisation has weakened their families and brought on self-destructive behaviours such as petrol sniffing, violence and alcohol misuse.
Family News 1 year subscription
To recover some of the costs we ask interested individuals and groups to subscribe to the “Family News”. This will help us to continue to produce a quality product, and keep our subscribers in touch with the grass root concerns of communities & families.
Family News Issue 54
Family News 54 has some great stories from our projects and we hope you enjoy this edition. In this edition Good Life for Our Elders – Atitjere, Engawala and Mulga Bore, Purple House extensions Dialysis...