Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Waltja has maintained a continuous partnership with remote communities.  Directors represent the community they live in, and they are the link or bridge between the Waltja office and community, Waltja workers and community and with other communities where Waltja works. This means that Waltja is based in communities and in Alice Springs. This is the way we work, explained by Irene Nangala, past Chairperson and current Executive member:

“Waltja learns what is happening in the community from the Directors.  Directors talk to Exec.  Exec talks with workers.  Waltja workers are invited by the Directors to come to the community. They stay; they meet the Directors and their families. They make friends.  They become family.  They listen to all people in the community with the Directors, young and old, men and women.  We work together Anangu/Yapa and Kardiya, workers and Directors and community. It gives Waltja a better understanding of community and what people need, and gives us a strong voice with communities and with government.  We make family from far and near.  That’s why we called the organisation Waltja – family.”

Recognition for good governance
Waltja is proud to be recognised for our good governance through Reconciliation Australia’s Indigenous Governance Awards, which take place every second year. Waltja was a finalist in 2008, didn’t apply in 2010, was shortlisted in 2012, and is again a finalist in 2014.

Waltja went on to win Category A of the Reconciliation Australia Indigenous Governance Awards in 2014.  Read more

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