Here is a lovely little film clip from Waltja’s Support for Elders campout last September near Areyonga. (read about the trip here- ).Iria Kuen was the camerawoman.

A spontaneous rendition of Advance Australia Fair in Pitjantjatjara by the light of the campfire.

Kutju Australia
Advance Australia Fair

Ar na ngu    u wan ka rra-ngku
Pu kurl pa     wa rra la             

Man ta     nya nga    win ki-ngku la
Ka pi-ngka    ngu rurr pa                 
Mai    win ki tja rra     ngu rra-ngka
Pu kurl pa     nyi nany tja
I rri ti tja      u wan ka rra
Tju ngu rri nga nyi la  
Tju ngu rri-ngku la wa rra la     
Australia-nya ku tju

For more information about the Kutju Australia project (a collaboration between Ted Egan, Alison Anderson and others) go to: