Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'


Werte! Eva, Magdalena, Ngetye, Margaret and Renie are all busy today harvesting and grinding up Arrethe leaves for bush medicine rubs for community pots to distribute to families and to elders in care. It is great to hear all the stories being shared and giggling as they work.

Werte! We are back at Akeyulerre after the a break and the ladies collected Athenge (ironwood) to make ashes for chewing tobacco. Bit too hot still for collecting bush medicines today, but it’s cooling down later this week so we should be back to that work then. Hope everyone had a relaxing and safe break and we look forward to catching up with you soon! Kele.

We had a bush medicine workshop out at Desert Knowledge with Dr Fiona Walsh. Elders are teaching younger ones about the different plants used in healing. Agnes Abbott is talking here about the special medicine made from the bark of Untyeye (Fork-leaf corkwood). The medicine was used to rub onto baby bottoms when they got sore and used to treat other sores. Kele

Agnes was born and grew up at Loves Creek Station, now known as Ross River. She learnt culture from here mother and now she is passing on knowledge to young people. She is actively involved in teaching at Akeyulerre.

Kele Mwerre!