We provide blankets for the elderly, food and transport for remote women in need and support for young parents.

The directors of Waltja are very strong on the principle of giving back when able to do so. These art works are part of that endeavour, helping us to replenish our funds.

Aboriginal women from remote Central Australian communities make artworks ranging from painted journal/diary covers to bead necklaces and carvings. When making artworks, they are strong in their own identity, are happy and relaxed, and enjoy being able to choose which stories they tell, and the way they tell them through art.  They earn a standard payment which is decided by Waltja Directors. Sales of the artworks help to support Waltja’s good work with families.

The diary covers are made of sturdy ‘swag’ canvas and stitched (not glued) – they will last a lifetime. Each one is individually painted with Aboriginal art. Women paint them as a way to give back to Waltja and raise funds for others in need.