Who is the Waltja Collective?

The Waltja Collective is a group of artists working together to create art for our fundraising. Funds go towards our Emergency Relief Fund which helps people in immediate need of assistance.

Many paintings are created at group gatherings and have multiple artists.  Artists are all paid the same rate which helps them earn money and achieve financial independence whilst also helping us to fundraise and help elderly and vulnerable people on remote communities.  Artists have often been helped by Waltja in the past or their family members have been helped so they give back where possible.  Because artists are free to contribute as they see fit, the act of producing art is pleasureable and relaxed.  There is no deadline and no demands, so artists enjoy being together chatting and painting.  These artworks have good energy and happiness surrounding them from creation until you receive your beautiful painting.

If an item is marked as SOLD! please email our us at sales@waltja.org.au and we can source more of the same or similar. We will do our best to supply what you require.