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Tjutangku Tjukurrpa

Coolamons and Companion Creatures

Help Waltja fund our Social Programs by purchasing these beautiful hand carved creatures.The Waltja Collective is a group of artists working together to create art for our fund raising.

Making the sculptures involves selecting and felling an appropriate tree, often the soft and light ininti beanwood tree or the hard, heavy mulga.

The trunk is cut down to an appropriate section and the sculpture is then chiselled out using a small axe, files and knives. Finally it is sandpapered smooth and painted with acrylic paint. Waltja buys carvings from women in Utopia and also Engawala and Titjikala. Subjects have included frogs, different species of owls and small marsupial mammals. Making and selling carvings and necklaces involves a whole process of collecting materials, creating something beautiful, and earning money to support themselves and their families.

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Waltja supports artworkers to keep working in traditional ways.  These carvings are the original toys made by Aboriginal women in Central Australia.  Usually they were made in pairs.  They are carved from wood usually from the Bean Tree and the designs are either burnt into the wood or painted.  The cuteness will be appreciated by young and old – a companion for your desk or a playmate for the kids – guaranteed to please.

The coolamons are traditionally used to carry food, babies and much more.  These are small coolamons and look great as a dinner table ornament – especially if you fill them with Ininti Seeds (email us to find out where to purchase them – [email protected] )