I spent five weeks interning with Waltja in Nov/Dec 2019 through the Aurora Internship Program.

Healthy cooking at Aputula

Cassia Glynn Bray, 11/12/2019

I’m a second-year law arts student from Brisbane and I got interested in doing an internship with Waltja because I want to one day put my legal skills towards helping Indigenous artists stay in control of their work creatively and financially.

I wanted to go to Waltja because they are an Aboriginal corporation committed to selling ethically produced art that benefits the artists and Central Desert communities.

I spent my time at Waltja working on some legal questions with ArtsLaw, the Indigenous Art Code, starting a new version of the Waltja website, helping with art sales and going out bush to communities around Alice Springs doing youth Reconnect work.

I even got to go out bush for an entire week, spending nights in the communities of Aputula (Finke), Titjikala and Ltyentye Apurte (Santa Teresa).

I feel really happy because I have been able to both gain legal experience with the Aboriginal Art Code and Arts Law Australia and gone out bush in the troopies to spend time working in communities.

My Dad is from Alice Springs and some of his family live in Ltyentye Apurte, so it was great to go and spend time with the people there. I especially like playing basketball with the youth group in Titjikala and cooking pumpkin and spinach grown at Aputula with the kids and families at the rec hall.   

I would like to thank everyone at Waltja for having me and Aurora Internships for funding my time here.

Link: The Aurora Project