Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

“ Food Shopping, rent and bills must come before gambling” Rachel, Charles and Allan from Waltja with community support workers Mathew and Jeanette and help Anne-Marie took young people out to Walkabout Bore. Santa Teresa and Tijikala asked to come on our camp to talk about gambling. Gambling hurts our families and we need to be looking after each other.

Gambling take you away from gamily and friends. You might stop doing good and healthy things like going hunting for bush tucker. If you have gambling problems you might be:-

  • Have money worries
  • Not sleeping because of your worries
  • Take time off work
  • Arguing with family
  • Humbugging for money all the time

Don’t let gambling take over your life, be strong.

We had lots of fun at the camp and the young people found a lot of bush tucker and went swimming, the fellas even caught a wild duck at one of the dams. We even saw camels. We had good tucker and kangaroo tails, climbed the hills, and did some paintings. Waltja would like to thank Margaret Orr for letting us camp at Walkabout Bore Thank you to all our support workers and the young people for making it a great trip.

If you are worries about your gambling or are worried about someone else call Amity on 1800 858 858

This project is supported by the NT Community Benefit Fund