Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

On behalf of the Elders in 16 very remote communities of Central Australia, Waltja made a request for funding to Centrecorp Foundation for the purchase of 200 bed bases, mattresses and waterproof covers. Centrecorp suggested that rather than purchasing the beds from stores, that the beds get made in Alice Springs to create local jobs and to support the local economy. After getting quotes from local businesses, it was decided that the best value for money could be obtained by working with Centre of Appropriate Technology (CAT) which would make the bed frames. The waterproof mattresses were sourced from Alice Springs suppliers.

Waltja had many discussions in each of the communities to find out who were most in need of a bed including people who are frail, aged or with a disability. Waltja talked with aged care coordinators, clinic managers, Waltja Directors and Elders from each community. A list of names was put together and given to CAT to make the deliveries to each of the communities.

Waltja would like to thank all involved that made this project a success. Thank you to everyone who advocated for the people most in need of a bed. A big thankyou to all the support given by the Aged Care Centre’s and aged care coordinator’s based in each community. Finally, Waltja would like to thank Centrecorp for funding and CAT for their part in designing and making sturdy bed frames and for delivering them.

The beds have been especially good for those who have limited mobility and struggle to get up from a bed mattress that is on the floor.

Thank you to Centrecorp Foundation for this funding.