Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Papunya Tjupi Art Centre loaded 4 troop carriers with blankets and swags and went on a 3 days bush trip to Karinyarra (Mt Wedge), an hours drive north – east of Papunya. Two Waltja staff, two Papunya Tjupi workers and a volunteer supported the twenty artists. The event was inspired by last year’s Desert Mob Symposium, where another Art Centre presented a short film about their bush trip, telling stories about country.

“We want to do that next year”, the Tjupi artists told their manager.
Isobel Gorey decided to invite all the Papunya Tjupi ladies to her country for an artists’ camp.

Papunya Tjupi have a solid relationship with Waltja and everyone worked well together. Sonja Dare did the filming and editing, with help from Isobel Gorey, Linda from Waltja and Helen from Papunya Tjupi.

“We presented our film at the Desert Mob Symposium and we were very proud” said Isobel Gorey.

You can see the film below – Bush trip to Karinyarra with Papunya Tjupi and Waltja.