Indigenous Languages & Art Program

Bushfoods Project


Project Aim:

To support Elders in remote communities in Central Australia to record important knowledge and skills about bush tucker and country in their language and on country, and create and
distribute print and digital cross-platform resources.


Group Paintings

2 large group paintings were created in the Summer of 2019-2020 – each one is around 155cm x 155cm


We created videos to explain the artwork and so you can hear the words pronounced in Warlpiri and Luritja.

Print Resources

We created two double sided posters with the painting and artists on the front.

On the back is a diagram of the poster which can be used to locate all the different bushfoods in both English and Luritja or English and Warlpiri.

The Bushfoods booklet is a companion for all the resources on this page.


A workshop was held in Alice Springs with women coming from many communities.  We facilitated painting sessions in the afternoons and the women focussed on bushfood stories.

Waltja would like to thank the Australian Government ILA Languages and Arts Program

This project was supported by capacity building grants from the Tim Fairfax Family Donation and by Waltja’s¬†Directors self funding culture and language programs.