Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Willowra celebrated Carers Week by getting together to enjoy a big cook-up with family and friends while being surrounded by beautiful country!

National Carers Week is an important time to reflect on the great work that carers do.

There are many carers that help look after someone in community making a huge difference, whether that be family or extended family. Being a carer is not easy, looking after anyone who needs extra support, it takes time and energy. Waltja wanted to make carers feel supported and appreciated for the hard work they do.

We drove around the community to pick up ladies and then headed out on country. We all went walking to collect firewood to start a big cook up with lots of kangaroo tails and vegetables. Everyone enjoyed sitting on country and talking stories, singing and explaining what country means to them. Events like this give them time to relax and feel proud of their efforts.

Special thank you to Erin from Central Desert for picking up passengers and helping with the cook up. The Willowra carers are amazing and busy keeping active and healthy.  Remember carers are important in looking after the wellbeing of others ! Thank you to all the carers in communities far and wide for the hard work you put in to keeping family healthy and strong.