Changing minds, saving lives

The Men’s Tjilirra Movement was established to secure the future for the custodians of the world’s longest continuing culture.

Tjilirra – traditional handmade tools including boomerangs, shields, spears, carrying vessels – are the cornerstone of the ancient traditional world of the Pintupi men. Sacred traditional tool carvings hold the power to the country. Tjukurrpa (the Dreaming) holds the meaning and the life for them, reinforcing relatedness, sorrow and country.

Tjilirra represents ancient law and land-ownership. The carvings hold the journeys of ancestral beings and sacred places in the landscape and more. The Tjilirra is the title or deed for the country of the men. Tjilirra is the power for the men.

The heart of the Men’s Tjilirra Movement lies in Australia’s remote central and western desert region, in the communities of Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji), Mt Liebig (Watiyawanu), Kintore (Walungurru), Papunya (Warumpi) and Kiwirrkurra.

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