Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Kuwarri nganana palya warrkarrinyi Waltjala tjungu. Ramantja wiya yanungungku warrakarripayi tjutangku tjana training palyaningi Waltjala.Nganana wiyala yankupayi tjananpanya training palyantjala wantipayilatju. Nyinangulatju Kungka Kutjurra miitingi, minyma tjululingkuya ngalyanu miitingi ngaaku. palyalatju Tjutalingku. Miitingi palyaya kuliningi pinta tarraya palyaningi. Warungkaya ngarringi palyalingku. Kaakararra, Wilurarra, Yalitjarra ulaparirringuru latju tjungurringu palyalingkulatju tjungurringu.

Thank you minyma tjuta palya nyurrangarri ngayulu voting anta kutjupa-tjutakatarra. Palyalingku! Irene Nangala Last month August lot of women came for this meeting and it was so good to see the other women. We really enjoyed ourselves sleeping under the trees looking at the sky. It was good fun and very very cold at night. Then we had voting to begin it was at ten o’clock for AGM. So all the women put their name on, that was so good for them to come to Alice Springs and enjoy. It was alright for them to be away from family. Some of them was sick with flu and couldn’t come. After that we had to wait for a while to get ready for voting. I wasn’t sure who they were going to vote for. Then after they did vote for me! We cleaned the yard around Kungka Kutjarra. I was so happy to see them all. It was a good meeting that made me happy.