Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

This past year with Waltja has been really good. We had things happening like buying a bush block with buildings on it, with a good size house and lots of trees. We will be planning a small tourism venture for that place so we can raise money for our old people and for culture and language programs. We saved for years for that land and looked around for a long time. All our members are really happy to have a place out of town for workshops and meetings.

We also received a marketing grant from the NT government which helped us work with members and staff to promote our art program and look at marketing ideas. We want to attract more donors so we can run programs our way, not always the way government might be thinking for us.

In February and June our auditor and his team came to Waltja to meet with the Executives and to check the finances and assets. He is happy with the way Waltja is running and following the rules, doing the right thing. As Chairperson I also want to thank you Sharijn for setting up Waltja for all our women across this region. Thanks for building us up to become stronger and stronger with your support.

Yes our next Director’s meeting will be for a Special General Meeting. We want to include honorary members in our Rulebook; the ones who have been with Waltja a long time but are sick now and have to live in town. We still want them to join us. This meeting will be followed by our AGM. We will send out invitations and notices next month but you can ring Waltja anytime if you are interested in coming along. We want more ladies in the 30s and 40s to come along too, the ones coming up behind us.

See you then, April Martin.