Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Lenny works in Waltja’s Multimedia unit and enjoys working with cameras as well as video filming and editing. He was happy to do accredited training in Screen and Media because he wanted to learn more and to gain more skills for his personal and professional development.

The skills he has gained have included, how to use the camera manually and adjusting the camera lens by using the iris ring, How to control the amount of light that comes through the lens, setting up Multicam working with 3 cameras at different angles for wide shot, mid shot and close ups, Pre Production- planning ahead, looking for locations, setting up of lighting, scripting, crew and equipment, Production- shooting, Post production- editing with Final Cut Pro, recording sounds, adding titles and graphics and much more.

Lenny is now ready to record your stories to share with others. You will see him at your community very soon. Give him a shout out “Hey Lenny well done!!”

Waltja and Lenny would like to thank Batchelor Institute for all the support they have given him throughout this course. And to the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation for giving him the opportunity to work full time and be mentored in the workplace.