Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

A couple of months ago, we been there to Kalipinypa. That’s my country, special one. That’s my grandfather’s country, my father’s country. Sometimes I go to Kalipinypa. Sometimes I go, see my country. And Tjikarri, I see from far.

Sometimes I go to Tjikarri. Only four-wheel drive Toyota can go. Last time I went was three or four years ago. There’s too many sandhills it’s a separate country over there – It hides in the middle of the sandhill. It’s a secret country; spirit country a secret place. It’s where the snake comes up from the ground and travels west to the ocean, to bring back rain. And where the lightning comes from travelling East. It’s where that emu from Perth is walking around, looking for water, and where the brolgas came from, before they moved north.

There are stories of the western quoll from around there too. You can ask anyone. They know those stories. Johnny was born in the bush. He grew up in his father’s country around Kalipinypa and Tjikarri and his mother’s country at Yilpili. From Yilpili, they go to Haasts Bluff, from Haasts Bluff, they go to Papunya. They tell us story about all this. They tell us story about where they come from.