Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Professional Development for Directors

Since Waltja was set up, the Directors and CEO have made training and professional development for Directors and staff a priority, especially to mentor and train young women to be confident in their work and in their culture. Waltja has invested our own funds and also looked at ways of funding and supporting trainees across Waltja’s programs.

Professional Development for Directors

Most of Waltja’s professional development for Directors is to increase their knowledge of Waltja program areas, so they can talk with insight and confidence about the programs and support them in their communities. Waltja also provides training in areas such as finance and governance to add to Directors’ skills, knowledge and confidence as community leaders and as leaders of Waltja. This year, Directors requested training in community mediation that then took place over two workshops, linked with Directors’ meetings. This training was supported by a Regional Development grant from the NT Government.

Directors think about the future leadership of Waltja. One practical step is for each Director to support young women from their community to come to Directors Meetings with her to learn about how Waltja is governed.

Waltja also supports individual Directors with professional development such as in the creation and maintenance of their personal and professional profiles and resumes. Waltja also supports Directors to take part in professional networks and advisory bodies, and to attend conferences and workshops, usually with a staff member. In 2013, three Exec members and the CEO successfully completed the Diploma in Community Services Coordination and one completed the Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management.