Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

FN60-AGMWaltja Directors and members came in to Alice Springs for two days of meetings on the 4th and 5th of November. Ladies came from Utopia, Engawala Santa Teresa, Titjikala, Laramba, Yuelamu, Willowra, Yuendumu, Nyirrpi, Kintore, Mt Liebig, Papunya.  Areyonga, Ampilatwatja and Ikuntji sent apologies. The Special General Meeting was to change Waltja’s rules. Everybody voted YES and now ladies who have been active members of Waltja but can’t live on their communities any more because of health problems and have to live in Alice Springs can still be  Honourary Members  of Waltja.

They won’t be able to be Directors or to vote but Waltja will still help them and they can still come to meetings.At the AGM Waltja members voted for Directors from each community. Then Directors voted for the 5 Executive Director positions. April Martin was elected chairperson, and the other 4 Executive Directors are Irene Nangala, Wendy Brown, Isobel Gorey and Sharon Scrutton. Gaby from Brian Tucker Accounting talked to Directors about the audit and said that Waltja is managing our money really well.

Waltja members met with Alice Springs Women’s Shelter ladies to find out about the outreach program to Yuendumu, Ti Tree, and Papunya. Everybody talked up about their worries about family violence, and their good ideas to stop the violence. ANZ Bank Seeds of Renewal program has awarded funds to Waltja for a notice board to help Mt Liebig families stay in touch with young people who are away at Boarding school. Russel Green and Bill Rainey from ANZ bank came to the AGM to congratulate Waltja.

Life Without Barriers leaders Terry Lawler, Sue Gordon and Loretta Perry came to talk with Waltja about making a strong partnership. Waltja members talked with them about good ways to employ more Indigenous workers. We are hoping to hold an Aged and Disability Festival together in 2016.

Waltja staff went around to each table to tell the Directors about their work. All the Directors asked lots of questions. They were really happy with the workers reports.