Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

ABC staff are working with Waltja on the production of a bush food series to be broadcast on ABC Open at a future date.

“Good time for bush tucker!” Community women agreed on a range of plants, animals and bush medicines to be filmed.

Ampilatwatja ladies chose their favourite food that was in season – bush beans! Lulu and Rosie worked hard pulling bush beans off the trees by using long sticks.

The plants were placed on ground sheets and pounded, and the beans containing the orange and black coloured seeds were collected carefully.

At the end of the trip the women sat down at a beautiful spot at a dam with birds and horses gathering around the water. The women were excited to brew a delicious drink out of the seeds, which they cooked on the fire.

In Utopia the women chose to look around for Tyape (Witchetty grubs) at different locations. It was very hot but the women were very keen to find some Tyape in the ground.

Rosie, Nora, Connie and Julie scanned the area for the promising bushes and roots.

Happy to have found some Tyape, they demonstrated how they are prepared and eaten!. Lena and Rosie shared the story and the song for Tyape with ABC recordings.