Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Filming with ABC Open

‘Makers and creators’ project

As part of our training with Charmaine Ingram and Naithan Wiles from ABC Open, the multimedia team and Jane Clark filmed Irene Nangala painting a Diary cover for ABC Open’s ‘Makers and creators’ project.

When we first got out there, we organized all of the equipment we needed to start filming. Such as a Camera/Video Cameras, Tripods, Paint, brushes, water, tarp etc.

Then we had to pick a spot where we could shoot the video. Once we found the perfect spot Irene swept the area with a branch. Once the area was clean we started to film the first few scenes of our video, which was of Irene setting herself up on the tarp with the paints and diary covers.

We used all the skills we had been taught throughout our training to capture Irene painting from different angles like; mid-shots, wide-shots and close ups. We also filmed an interview with Irene. The interview allowed us to practice our interviewing skills to gather the information we needed from Irene. Once all the filming was done it was lunchtime so Lenny provided us with a home made stew which he had cooked the night before.

Back at Waltja we then had to use Final Cut Pro to edit and piece together all the different shots, add in audio and the credits to complete the video. We had a lot of fun filming and editing.

The whole purpose of the ‘Makers and creators’ project was to film someone who has a story to tell about their artistic and creative skills. We asked Irene to be apart of this project because she is a great artist and a strong speaker for Waltja.

Throughout the interview she explains a bit about Waltja’s Social Enterprise (Diary Cover project), ‘Tjukurrpa Tjutangku’. She explains why Aboriginal people from remote Central Australian Communities such as herself choose to come to Waltja to paint. She also tells us the story of her painting which is about two women who are making Munguuri (baskets) to wear on their heads to collect food.

Written by Jess Muir and Veronica James.

“A big thank you to Irene for letting us film her”