Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Hunting Ngintaka (Lizard) in Aputula

Waltja’s Family Mental Health worker Erin took a group of young people from Apatula out on a bush trip. Families were happy for them to go out for the day and to practise bush skills. Hayley, Darren, Ethan, Zachius from Mt Liebig, Adam, Shainelle, Sarah-Lee and Adelisha came along, who are all great Ngintaka hunters.

We caught TEN (10), which smashed Kumana’s record! We had a good laugh and a good time together.

Everyone was happy that night as the young people shared and cooked the Ngintakas with their families. Thank you to all the young people who came along and shared their knowledge and laughter. Hunting keeps families and young people strong in spirit and culture.

Waltja’s Culture program and our Reconnect and Family Mental Health programs can help families who want to sit down on country with elders and parents, children and young people together. It can be easier to talk up about family worries, and how to really support our young ones, when everyone can be together in a peaceful place away from community.

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