Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Sept 2014


Waltja holds at least three meetings a year with our Directors and members. This is for planning and to talk about our organisation and programs to run on communities. During May there was a big Directors meeting with lots of members travelling in to attend. Everybody talked up. This is what Irene Nangala had to say:

“Waltja learns what is happening in the community from the Directors. Waltja workers are invited by the Directors to come to the community. They stay, they meet the Directors and their families. They make friends. They become family. They listen to all people in the community with the Directors, young and old, men and women. We work together Anangu and Kardiya, workers and Directors and community. It gives Waltja a better understanding of community and what people need and gives us a strong voice with communities and with government. We make family from far and near. That’s why we called the organisation Waltja – family.”

The Director’s made a decision to put some of Waltja’s own savings to fund cultural activities and programs so that members could design their own programs for their own areas. This was a significant amount of money and will also help the older people to get out into country and share their knowledge and experiences. The members also want to buy some land, a rural block not too far from Alice Springs so they can develop their own cultural enterprises and have their own place to stay for meetings and workshops. There was also a decision to continue to self-fund emergency relief so families stayed safe.

Walja’s Executive gave lots of information to the Directors about the current programs, staff, financials for the year and discussed plans for the future.The decisions made at this meeting will help Waltja to stay focused on the needs of their members and to keep our own identities strong.

There will be a special meeting because Waltja is a finalist in this years Reconciliation Australia Governance Awards. Our next big Directors and members meeting will be in October 20-24th at Ross River. Please let us know if you like to attend and if you want to consider anyone for membership.