Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Sept 2014

FN57-Group-mm-gameRecently Waltja had their Directors meeting at Ross River. The Money Management team presented two workshops. The first workshop we did was shopping within a budget. There were five groups and everyone had $150.00 to spend at the pretend shop.

The shop had pictures of everyday shopping items that were cut out of catalogues. Each group took turns shopping. Two people of the group calculated how much they spent. The purpose of this game was to get people thinking about comparing prices and value.

The next game we played was about ‘planning to save for future goals’. The object of the game is to think and plan about a saving goal. Each group will start off with a pretend family with their weekly income. There are sets of questions that required answers about prices. Some of the answers were on the board like accommodation, transport and they would estimate answers for other things such as food. Each group would calculate how much they would spend and then if they had money left over or will they have to cut down on some things. It really got people thinking how plan for a saving goal.

We will also being playing the “planning for saving future goal” game on communities when we visit. If people would like to learn more please come and see us on these following

  • Yuendumu,
  • Yuelamu,
  • Wilora,
  • Laramba,
  • Titjikala,
  • Mt Liebig,
  • Nyirripi,
  • or come into the Waltja office.