Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

The Family Mental Health Team has been very busy this past 6 months!

We have had lots of activities for young people of all ages from Santa Teresa, Titjikala and Finke.

In Santa Teresa we had a Girls Camp Out and learnt about Cyber-Bullying and collected Bush Medicine. Grandparents and Aunties were camping out with the girls and everyone enjoyed spending time with their family. At the camp out we spoke about the feelings and emotions of bullying, what is cyber bullying and where to go for help.

The young people made videos while collecting bush medicine about how important it is to look after family members and keep them healthy and strong.

In Titjikala and Santa Teresa Charles, Matthew and Allan in the Reconnect program had a Fella’s Camp Out where…..

Matthew has been working with all young people keeping them healthy and strong through Football and Basketball, as well as learning new cooking skills.

In Titjikala Jeanette, Erin and Margie took young girls out on country collecting bush tucker, cooking roo tail and talking together about how to be healthy and strong women.

In Finke Clarissa, Erin and Margie went on a camp out to Dalhousie Springs for both young boys and girls, with the NPY Women’s Council Youth Worker John Bath. Thank you John for being a great support for Waltja and young people in Finke!

We camped one night beside the creek then went swimming in the hot water at Dalhousie Springs.

Clarissa has been assisting young people in Finke to go to boarding school and feel strong, happy and confident in their communities.

The Family Mental Health team is really enjoying working with families and young people in Santa Teresa, Finke and Titjikala.

If you have any worries for young people in your community please come and speak with Erin, Charles, Margaret Orr (Waltja), Jeanette Ungwanaka (Titjikala) , Matthew Alice and Anne Marie McMillan (Santa Teresa) or Clarissa Young (Finke).