Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Money Management Trip to Wilora, 24-25/09/2014

Money Management field workers Leela Kruger and Sonja Dare visited Wilora in September 2014. The Wilora ladies were very happy to see the Waltja MM Team, as they wanted to follow up on money worries from our August visit. Wilora is having problems opening bank accounts, as both Wilora and Ti-Tree don’t have any approved signatories. This means that Wilora community members need to travel into Alice Springs or Tennant Creek to open accounts. Waltja is going to talk to the banks to see if they can change this as it puts a lot of financial strain on Wilora people to travel long distances.

The weather was perfect during our visit so we decided to have our MM sessions under lovely big shady trees. We talked about our spending habits and identified spending NEEDS and spending WANTS. We also talked about planning for the future and trying to save some money each week. The ladies said they feel happier when they have some money ‘saved up’ because it means that they are better prepared to deal with unforseen emergencies. After we finished the workshop Elsie cooked a lovely damper for everyone and we did a bit of hunting.

NEXT TRIP: The ladies have requested that we do a shopping trip to Ti-Tree.

Amy Nambula
Hilda Nambula
Elsie Numina
Janie Mbitjana
Cynthia Corbett