Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Batchelor Institute is proud of Chantal and Rosalie who have shown their courage and leadership in representing the Northern Territory at the National Australian of the Year Awards. On behalf of the students, staff and wider community networks the Institute would like to congratulate all award recipients and finalists:

  • 2015 Northern Territory Australian of the Year Rosalie Kunoth-Monks OAM for her significant achievements and passion in the area of Indigenous affairs – helping Indigenous people
  • 2015 Northern Territory Senior Australian of the Year Eddie Robertson for his significant achievements and enduring commitment in the area of community support – improving the lives of the members of his community
  • 2015 Northern Territory Young Australian of the Year Chantal Ober for her significant achievements and passion in the area of youth engagement and support – helping young people build better lives
  • 2015 Northern Territory Local Hero Ray Palmer for his significant achievements and passion in the area of providing guidance, counselling and mentoring for war veterans

Chantal stated:
‘It has been a humbling experience to be named a finalist and recipient of the NT Young Australian of the Year. For me it’s more than a job or a volunteering project, it is a passion that flows from my heart. I love having the opportunity to build strong youth with strong voices and I am dedicating this award to all the young people of Katherine and surrounding communities.’

Chantal’s proud mother and Batchelor Institute Researcher Robyn Ober also stated:
‘We as a family are proud of Chantal’s achievements, and know she will use this award to bring a greater awareness of issues that youth are dealing with on a daily basis at a local, state and national level.’

Rosalie stated:
‘It is a great honour to have been elected as the NT Australian of the Year. It means a lot to me as an Aboriginal person. The fact that there were three of us elected Eddie, Chantel and Ray show certain cohesion in the NT which pleases me so much. I would like to use this as a platform for the youth because they are going through substance abuse. I don’t want to see our youth committing suicide. Taking their life is not acceptable and it is the failure of adults giving wrong messages to the youth. Education for Aboriginal youth is being lifted by Batchelor Institute and the people who are working closely with the Aboriginal people. In my view, education is important to avoid youth suicide and adults need to lift their game. Having looked at the essence of being Aboriginal it is important we do not forget who we are but we do also need access to other knowledge. We need to draw on supportive educational systems already in place. With education we can solidify our culture and engage with others.’

Australia Day Council Northern Territory Chair Dr Daryl Manzie stated:
‘We are very pleased to have had over seventy nominations for the Northern Territory’s Australian of the Year Awards. It is truly inspiring to hear many stories of courage, leadership and advocacy from a diverse range of nominees. With so many outstanding