Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Willowra 26-28 August

Rdaka-rdaka ‘Sign language’ is an important part of communication at Willowra. There are many signs for people, animals, plants, kin relationships, times, feelings and actions.

We held this workshop at Wirliyajarrayi Learning Centre to record Rdaka-rdaka from senior women in Willowra and to support language teaching and learning.
Signers: Lucy Nampijinpa Martin, Peggy Nampijinpa Martin and Lillian Nakamarra Long.
Camera: Janelle Naparrurla Ross and Cecilia Nampijinpa Martin
Facilitators: Julie Napaljarri Kitson, Petronella Varzon- Morel, Jenny Green and Margaret Carew.

We used a list of signs created by Adam Kendon. He was a linguist who worked on Warlpiri sign language during the 1970s. During the workshop we looked at a website for Central Australian Sign Languages we have made with signers at Ti Tree.

It was great to have mother and daughter Julie and Janelle working in the team. They worked together with Petronella and Lucy Nampijinpa to prompt for signs, and to follow up with explanations, stories and descriptions.

Jeff and Shane from PAW Media visited the workshop and supported the filming. They filmed interviews and other footage at the Learning Centre. In this photo Cecilia, Lucy and Petronella are talking about why rdaka-rdaka is so important.

Thank-you to everyone at Wirliyajarrayi Learning Centre!

(Story and photos Courtesy of Margaret Carew of Batchelor Institute)