Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

What an exciting week to have Holly-ann Martin the Director of Safe 4 Kids and her husband, Roger come and deliver their Safe 4 Kids program.  Waltja Reconnect worked together with the Safe 4 Kids program to deliver in Mount Liebig. It was a busy week with lots of educational group work with the small kids, teenagers, senior people and community support workers to learn about the Safe 4 Kids program.  Holly-ann had 17 plus people attend her group sessions each time they were delivered which was fantastic to see. The community was actively involved to support the training and had encouraged everyone to get involved. Holly-ann taught everyone how to identify safe and unsafe behaviour. The training gave insight how to talk and listen to ‘early warning signs’ of unsafe behaviour and that everyone has the right to feel safe and can talk with someone about anything. The educational concepts of the Safe-4-Kids program is vital to keeping everyone safe in their communities all of the time.

Holly-ann was very active in talking and sharing information on protective behaviours such as:

Yes/Safe Feeling and No/Unsafe Feelings, Safety Continuum, Early Warning Signs, Networks

Public and Private “NO”, Three safety questions, Secrets and Secret Enablers, Cyber Bullying

Theme Reinforcement, Protective Interrupting, One-Step Removed and Problem Solving

Holly-ann is often out delivering her program in remote communities in Central Australia and would like to continue to educate communities on safe and unsafe behaviours.  If you would like to have Holly-ann visit your community you need to call mobile number: 0422 971 189 or email on [email protected]

For any further details and information look on the Safe 4 Kids website: www.safe4kids.com.au

We must acknowledge the MacDonnell Shire Council for the use of the Mount Liebig Child Care Centre and for allowing us to hold the Safe 4 Kids training for the week. Also special thanks to Mary, Sarsha and Margret from MacDonnell Shire Council for their support in the program.