Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Where to start? How to get it out there? We want you to know we at Waltja Reconnect are talking up school and want share with you the Waltja Reconnect program school news for 2014.

Family News has some photos of the Waltja Reconnect program school highlights!!!

We are talking about the great work that Waltja Reconnect have done in 2014 with helping young people with school.

You can see by the pictures that it’s been a very busy year for Waltja Reconnect with doing playa school stuff.  We’ve been busy helping with boarding and remote school attendance.

We have helped many senior young people return to school and seen many take home awards for commitment to study.

Waltja Reconnect can help a young person and their families to find the right school, support boarding school applications, abstudy, clothes, transport, school money business (pocket money) and connection to family while away at school.

We try and get lots of school photos of young people who attend school so we can share these photos with families while Waltja Reconnect are on community so they can stand proud!

Waltja Reconnect does endless work to connect young people to education and to the opportunities that education can offer.

Waltja Reconnect can support a young person and families to find the best school that best supports them to go to school.

If you have any questions about school stuff, come and see us and/or call to talk with Linda (West) or Allan (East) in the Waltja Reconnect Program.

Waltja Reconnect shouts out the biggest congratulations to the young people who stood strong at school for 2014.

Allan and Linda are excited to help young people with school in 2015!  So…we want to meet you and talk-up school with you!