Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

The ladies from Willowra and two Waltja workers travelled across country looking for bushtucker, bush medicine and bush potatoes.

The first day Leah, Kay and Lillian travelled towards Mt Barkly (Mt Bennett) and found a big mob of bush potatoes. Leah and Lillian talked about the ranges and their country in this area. We collected sweet smelling bush medicine called “jungaray jungaray”, which has been used for kids to sleep better at night. Lillian said  “it makes you feel good. You put it under your pillow and you sleep well”.

The next morning the women decided to travel north in two cars along Jarra Jarra road, looking around for bush potato, bush raisings, bush tomato, and bush medicine. We visited Doris’ country and tried to go to Munyupanji on an old mining road but didn’t get all the way. We turned around and stopped to camp in a burned area with heaps of termite hills, fire wood and kangaroo tracks. We watched kangaroos coming close to the camp in the late afternoon.

In the morning we travelled back towards Willowra.
We stopped at Kunapirri. There is a soakage there. It looked dry but Leah started digging for water. Lucy said it is a Napangka/Japanangka and Napangardi/Japangardi place. Lucy walked there with her mother and father and grandparents when she was a girl. There is a big cave in the rocks where people used to camp when it rained. Wallabies live there now. We collected lots of a bush medicine grass (lemon grass) around the hills – yayirriyayirri.

We stopped again for lunch and looked around for yala – bush potato, and kanta – bush coconut. Leah and Kaye collected kanta for the kids back in Willowra.