Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Welcome to Edition 64,

I was elected as Chairperson last August, that’s a year ago now. I’ve been Chairperson before but missed out for a few years and then I was really happy to be elected again. We had a busy year again. Every year is busy. We held 3 big meetings and each time we stayed camping together too. The meetings go for at least 3 days and we have more than 60 women and at one of them we had more than 100 women. It’s good when all the women come in from bush and share ideas, talk about family and community and get training too. As the Chairperson I like to hear the stories from right round, from every place.

When we camp together we cook our own food and we laugh too much at night. We like to have new women joining us too. People come from other organisations to give us information or training or ask us what we are thinking.

Sharijn helps to get everything ready for us to travel in and out, all the speakers for meetings, the camp site all set up and lots of firewood, swags, cooking gear. We can just relax and work together.

We had week long workshops this past year on domestic violence, strengthening families, governance, quit smoking, community highs and lows, youth support. Too many to remember all of them. We also had staff running workshops out bush about gambling, suicide, making cultural videos and parenting and school programs.

t’s always busy and we are always looking for more money to help more of our people. Thank you to all the kind people who have sent clothes, toys, sports gear and towels and blankets. So many things that have helped people stay warm. Thank you to all the people who keep supporting Waltja. Palya!

Irene Nangala