Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

FN60 HR Lance macdonald and sheila joyce dixon

Yara Tina Ngaatjanya Yananguku Tjukarurrulpayi Liipula Nyinanytjaku Mingarrtjuwiya

Shelia Joyce Dixon and Lance MacDonald from Papunya have been busy translating the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights into Pintupi-Luritja.

It is the first time that this international statement has been translated into an Australian Aboriginal language.

Mrs Dixon and Mr McDonald said that many people don’t know what their rights are and so they were keen to work with Sarah Holcombe, an anthropologist from the Australian National University (ANU), on the translation.

“Unless you know about your rights, how can you speak up for them and what they might mean for you? asks Sarah.

You can download a copy from Waltja’s website.

In 2009, Sarah Holcombe worked with Waltja to develop the Aboriginal Knowledge and Intellectual Protocol Community Guide. You can download this from http://www.nintione.com.au/publication/dkcrc-0693. In 2010 Waltja won the CRC Award for Excellence in Innovation for working with Sarah and Ninti one on the community guide.