Waltja held two highly successful Indigenous Women’s Network Meetings during the past 3 months with over 100 people attending as participants and presenters.

Everyone camped together at night and attended workshops during the day there was a good mix of ages and women leaders from across the central desert communties and as far away as Ali Curung.

The women had plenty to say: There was a good mix of women from the desert communities. They talked about what they were proud of in their communities and there were so many excellent examples to share!

They also workshopped the difficult problems and issues and how these could be overcome or better addressed by community members, services or government.

There was a great variety of presenters with information about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, harmful effects of smoking and how to quit, mental health, cultural activities, domestic violence and keeping safe, youth issues, cyber bullying and recognizing scammers and bank account fraud.

The presenters stayed for small group question time which was really appreciated and some led workshops. The women were also very pleased to have the opportunity to speak to and pass on their concerns to politicians and government. Now everyone is asking for the next meeting!

Thank you to everyone who was involved and to the Prime Minister in Cabinet for providing funds towards the costs and especially the invaluable contribution of staff!

Supported by Waltja and the Dept of Prime Minister and Cabinet