Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Recently at Waltja, Iria and Damien have taken part in training involving italk. The italk application allows organisations and people to communicate information to various communities through visual and spoken stories that are fun and educational.

With italk, you are able to communicate with communities in their spoken language and in English using pictures and audio – They say a picture speaks a thousand words – our pictures speak a thousand languages, says Christopher Brocklebank, the founder of italk.

italk specialise in helping our clients communicate with culturally and linguistically diverse communities by transforming information into story form and making it freely available on this website, and beyond.” italk also supply stories for :-

EDUCATION – Crocodile Safety, Kids.

HEALTH – Autism, Disability, Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Workplace Health & Safety, Food Safety.

LAW – Anti-Discrimination, Corrections – Personal Stories, Corrections – Work Stories, Domestic Violence, Child Protection, Human Rights.

The italk app can easily be accessed by anyone who wants to have a go and create a story. The app can be downloaded off the italk website for free. http://www.italklibrary.com/

$50 HUMBUG STORY was designed and illustrated by Waltja and Savannah-Glynn Braun. This was Waltja’s first i-talk story. The story is about each family member asking her for money on her payday, She gives most of her money away until she is left with only $50. She then heads to the store to buy some food and the total amout comes to $105, she only has $50 dollars so she has to put some of the shopping back.