Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

FN 59- Jess Portrait1

Jessica Muir grew up surrounded by kindness in her hometown of Alice Springs. She owes her kind personality to her parents and siblings nurturing. You can tell she is down to earth by the way she looks at the world and the gentle look on her everyday face.

Jessica is employed at Waltja (meaning family). Firstly as an art worker trainee but now she is full time. It is a pleasure working alongside her. Jess told me she likes working at Waltja because it is a happy, kind and pleasant environment to work in and suits her nature well.

Jessica found that in high school her friends returned her kindness. It was an important life lesson of hers. Her belief is to be kind to others. Like the old saying goes ‘what comes around goes around’ and ‘to give a little and you will receive a bit back’. These sayings are Jess’ mantra. To this day Jessica says, “ My belief is about being kind and helpful”.

By Leonard Hillman

This is an ABC Open project.

The art management training and professional development is funded by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation.