KITES is a school program for children aged 5 to 12 years old, we do take older kids, who are from remote areas and are visiting Alice Springs for a short time. We have a bus to collect children, although it is easier for us if families can deliver their children to us. We are at Sadadeen Primary School. We have our own double classroom with 2 teachers and 2 assistant teachers. The easiest way to find us is to drive across the oval to the football goal posts. The gate in the fence is directly in front of our classroom.

Families are welcome to send healthy food along with their children, we provide cereal for breakfast, fruit for recess and a sandwich for lunch. Every Monday the children go to the school library. Every Tuesday the Congress nurse comes to see if children have any health issues to be looked at.  Every Wednesday they cook lunch. Every Friday afternoon they have a swimming lesson at the Town Pool.

Our main focus is on the environment. We have vegetable garden beds and collect all of the school’s food scraps to compost. We also collect all of the school’s recyclable products and cash these in. Each week we take our vegetables to swap for items to use in our cooking program. Families can ring from out bush to let us know when they will be in town. there are some forms to be completed and then the children can come and go from KITES forever.

Contact Jenny Buckley – Senior Teacher: 0408 123 283