Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Waltja is proud to support people to keep culture strong so stories keep going on to the next generations. This past year we had some funding to work with ladies in Kintore. We are happy to share with you the video that was made at a women’s rock hole near Kintore community.

The video will be shown on ICTV Channel 601. On the video you will see Senior Women from Kintore sharing traditional stories and songs sitting by the waterhole. They make a big painting together. On the video Rochelle Robinson talked about her experience of learning traditional culture that was passed down to her from her grandmother, through her mother and then to her.

Thank you to all the ladies who were in the film: Josephine Napurulla, Tatuli Napurulla, Monica Robinson, Rochelle Robinson, Ingrid Nakamarra, Pantjiya Nungurrayi, Brenda Shirley Nampitjinpa, Charmaine Fisher Napanangka, Ruby Lee Napurulla and Joy Nampitjinpa.

Waltja workers on this project were Sonja, Cynthia and Veronica. Waltja Directors are happy that we will be able to make two more videos next year, in Engawala and Ikuntji, with the help from a grant from the Australian Government.

You can watch the video on the Waltja Website: