Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Ngananatju bible riitin-gitgka nyinangi Puulalawana yaalatji mankurrupa wiyakutju tjungurringu minyma , wati apa. Palunyatjanu yanu mangarriku BBC ngalkunytjaku,walypala tjutangkuya kutjanu yanangu walypalaku.

The Gospel Weekend is about everyone coming together as one and teaching the kids to praise and worship the Lord in singing, dancing and music. This year we invited Steve Grace who is an Australian country gospel singer? songwriter who has had a #1 on the US Billboard gospel charts.

We also invited Dan Vogler who is one of Australia’s great enduring gospel icons. Families came from Papunya, Mt Liebig, Haasts Bluff, Kiwirrkurra and other communities to help celebrate with Kintore. The school staff taught the Kintore children the actions for songs.

On Saturday we had Bible readings with Paul Traegar before a big feed for the whole community and all our visitors, provided by and served by our store. We had a huge fireworks display on the oval when it got dark and then went back to the church to celebrate in song, dance and music with Dan and Steve.

The next day we all joined together for the morning service then everyone slowly left and went home. The next Sun Festival promises to be bigger and better than 2016 so all you mob come to Kintore to celebrate with us.