Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

It was decided at a Store Committee Meeting that Kintore needed to come up with a super incentive to entice the children to go to school everyday. It was decided that 4 children who had attendance over 90% would be given a trip to the Gold Coast. Unfortunately only 2 children managed to achieve over 90 % so it was decided to take the next two highest attendees as well. The trip was planned for the second last week of school.

The children who got to go on the trip were Jake Nolan, Tanisha Nolan, Zaria Sampson and Robbie Maxwell. The children were accompanied by Robert Koppes (Store Manager), Giselle Barku (Store Committee Member & mother) & Sylvia Sharpe (Youth Worker).

The group flew Alice Springs to Brisbane and drove to the Gold Coast where they stayed at Treasure Island Big 4 Caravan Park. They went to Seaworld, where they all got to pat dolphins and also to Wet n Wild, Movieworld and they went on a cruise around the Gold Coast Waterways. The children had a fabulous time. When asked what they liked the best about the Gold Coarst it was unanimous that the dolphins were the highlight.

Back to school for everyone!