Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

I hope you enjoy the photos and stories in this edition. If you would like to tell your story about your community programs, leaders, sports or other events just contact us. We would love more stories in language as well.

We have just completed our audit and held the AGM. I would like to say a special thank you to Laura Sebastiani at Deloitte, Brian and his team at Brain Tucker Accounting and to Lauren Fyfe at Waltja and of course to our own Executive members. It is so important that the Board members understand the financials so they can make good decisions about how the money is managed. This is a vital part of good governance. Congratulations to our Chairperson, Irene Nangala who won the elections by a landslide!

Waltja has secured funding for some new programs and we are currently recruiting staff for these positions. There will be new culture programs for recording traditional ceremonies that keep newborns strong, connecting up events aimed to increase online safety and awareness, workshops for managing gambling addictions and for suicide prevention for keeping young people engaged in the community, strengthening mental health and wellbeing. Waltja is now registered for the NDIS and for Coordination of Support. That’s where we can help you find the services you need.

There is information in this Family News about the NDIS and what it means for the aged and people with a disability and their carers. We will also continue to work with communities on a diverse range of programs and integrate culture and language into everything we do. Thank you for supporting our staff, volunteers and programs in the bush and a big thank you to all our members who give their time so generously to help Waltja. See you somewhere soon! Sharijn