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Our 36-page colour magazine The “Family News” is produced approximately five times per year and is distributed free of charge to all communities in our region. The “Family News” not only gives the communities an outlet for their news and a voice for their concerns; it provides a means of effectively disseminating vital information on the issues affecting community life.

The “Family News” is a resource for remote families who often have trouble accessing the services and facilities that most people in the Territory take for granted. Naturally funding for a project like this is always a problem.

Stories from Family News 58 January 2015.

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FN58 Waltja’s Community Directors

Here is the list of Waltja's Community Directors elected at the 2014 AGM. Sandra Windy Areyonga Community Margaret Campbell Titjikala Community Wendy Nungarayi Brown Yuendumu Community April Martin Willowra Community Isobel Nampitjinpa Gorey Papunya Community Mia...

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FN58 Family Mental Health

In Santa Teresa we had a Girls Camp Out and learnt about Cyber-Bullying and collected Bush Medicine. Grandparents and Aunties were camping out with the girls and everyone enjoyed spending time with their family. At the camp out we spoke about the feelings and emotions of bullying, what is cyber bullying and where to go for help.

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Tangentyere Community Day

On Wednesday October 1st, the Tangentyere Women’s Group organised a community day to promote health and wellbeing on the town camps in Alice Springs. They were particularly focussed on the theme of homes  and communities being safe and happy places in which to live....

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FN58 Money Wise for Everyone

Money Management Trip to Wilora, 24-25/09/2014 Money Management field workers Leela Kruger and Sonja Dare visited Wilora in September 2014. The Wilora ladies were very happy to see the Waltja MM Team, as they wanted to follow up on money worries from our August visit....

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FN58 Conference Art Stall

The Art & Publications/Multi-media team at Waltja were invited to hold an art stall at the 2014 Indigenous Peoples’ and Australasian Viral Hepatitis Conference. The Conferences brought together Indigenous people and Health experts from around the world to talk...

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FN58 Desert Song Festival

Desert Song Festival is held in Alice Springs every September. It brings together choir groups from all around Central Australia. Desert Song Festival 2014 began at the Festival Opening Night in the courtyard of the Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame.  Other big events in...

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FN58 Desert Mob Markets

Desert Mob Markets is one of three events that is organised by the Desart Organisation in Partnership with Araluen Arts Centre to promote Art and Culture, Artists and Art Centres around Central Australia and is held annually. The other two events are the Desert mob...

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FN58 Share your stories with us

Would you like your story and pictures published in our Family News Magazine? Have you got nice clear photo shots you would like to share for our centrespread? Have you got any good news to share about your community? Or do you have a story about a family member that...

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FN58 NT Australian of the Year

Batchelor Institute is proud of Chantal and Rosalie who have shown their courage and leadership in representing the Northern Territory at the National Australian of the Year Awards. On behalf of the students, staff and wider community networks the Institute would like...

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FN58 Keeping Children Safe

At the end of September 2014, women and children from Yuendumu, Willowra, Nyirrpi and Pilbara communities came together at Hamilton Downs Youth Camp with 13 stakeholders including Waltja to share in a weekend of talking and learning about keeping children safe. The...

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Waltjas Kaljaku at Ampilatawatja

Waltja visited Ampilatawatja recently for the Cultural Program. With a group of women we travelled north of Ampilatawatja then made a big loop coming back on an old road to a station, looking for green country. We stopped to collect anemangkerr (bush tomatoes) and...

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FN58 Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte) community camp

Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte) community camp: A whole of community approach Waltja's Youth Reconnect (Allan O'Dea) and Family Mental Health (Charles Tako and Ashley Brooking) teams were involved in a community camp out in Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte). The camp out...

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FN58 Rdaka-rdaka – Warlpiri Sign Language Workshop

Willowra 26-28 August Rdaka-rdaka ‘Sign language’ is an important part of communication at Willowra. There are many signs for people, animals, plants, kin relationships, times, feelings and actions. We held this workshop at Wirliyajarrayi Learning Centre to record...

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FN58 Safe For Kids Watiyawanu

What an exciting week to have Holly-ann Martin the Director of Safe 4 Kids and her husband, Roger come and deliver their Safe 4 Kids program.  Waltja Reconnect worked together with the Safe 4 Kids program to deliver in Mount Liebig. It was a busy week with lots of...

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FN58 Willowra Ladies Country Visit

The ladies from Willowra and two Waltja workers travelled across country looking for bushtucker, bush medicine and bush potatoes. The first day Leah, Kay and Lillian travelled towards Mt Barkly (Mt Bennett) and found a big mob of bush potatoes. Leah and Lillian talked...

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FN58 2014 AGM

Waltja 2014 Annual General Meeting and Directors Meeting was held at a bush camp near Yuelamu on the 14th and 15th October. April, Irene, Wendy and Rachel wrote this story together: That was a good AGM. We had a good time together. We had elections and we had good...

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FN 58 From Waltja’s Chairperson April Martin

In August we had the Director’s meeting with the Judges from Reconciliation Australia Indigenous Governance Awards. Professor Mick Dodson, Glenda Humes and Emma White asked us hard questions about Waltja, how Waltja is governed. They told us that Waltja was one of six...

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FN58 Waltja Reconnect Highlights for 2014

Waltja Reconnect shouts out the biggest congratulations to the young people who stood strong at school for 2014.

Allan and Linda are excited to help young people with school in 2015! So…we want to meet you and talk-up school with you!

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FN 58 Akelyulerre inc

Akelyurre is a place that supports Arrernte Elders in passing on their knowledge about healing work such as Ngankeres and collecting and preparing bush medicines. The main focus for Alkelyurre is to learn from the elders and to have knowledge passed on to the younger...

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