Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Our 36-page colour magazine The “Family News” is produced approximately five times per year and is distributed free of charge to all communities in our region. The “Family News” not only gives the communities an outlet for their news and a voice for their concerns; it provides a means of effectively disseminating vital information on the issues affecting community life.

The “Family News” is a resource for remote families who often have trouble accessing the services and facilities that most people in the Territory take for granted. Naturally funding for a project like this is always a problem.

Stories from Family News 63 (Nov 2017) appear below

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New Aged Care Centre At Willowra

Willowra community are very excited about the new Aged Care Centre being built in their community. Aged care and disability services in  Willowra are delivered by the Central Desert Regional Council currently providing social activities and meal hampers. The building...

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Yirara College Truck Driving Simulator

Yirara College in Alice Springs has installed a truck simulator in the classroom in the hope that students would gain experience and help them land their first job upon graduation.The College’s Director of teaching and learning, Gregory Miller, said the machine has...

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New Youth Centre At Willowra

WYDAC (Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation) are excited for Willowra’s new Youth Centre being built, thanks to the funding provided by GMAAAC and ABA. The community members of Willowra are very thrilled for the new Youth Centre. Having a larger Youth...

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Willowra Youth Program

Willowra Youth Program. Willowra Youth Program has seen many great activities happening over the last couple of months. We have seen some big bush trips taking place with hunting for bush tucker, cooking kangaroo tails and the elders telling Warlpiri story. We have...

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Yirara College Community Liaison Officers

Community Liaison Officers are the people who help parents, guardians, carers and community members in their interaction with Yirara College.                The Community Liaison Officer provides help with the following: assistance to enrol a student at Yirara College...

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Gathering Bush Onions At Willowra

Waltja workers Veronica James and Allan O’Dea went out to Willowra for a week. They met up with Lillian Long, Lilly Long, Kaye Williams, Lucy Martin. The women decided they wanted to go digging for bush onions, so they planned a trip out bush from Willowra. Veronica...

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Place of Peace for Willowra

Kurt Noble is the coordinator in the Mediation and Justice for the Central Desert Regional council based in Willowra for the next 12 months to mediate with any conflicts which may arise in the community. He has worked in a lot with government bodies like corrections,...

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Congress No Smoking Program

Your clinic will refer you to the Tobacco Action workers. The Tobacco Action workers will give you more information about:  - Advice on what smoke can do you your body - NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy - Second & third hand smoking - One on one counselling  -...

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Titjikala Clinic

David, who is the Health Centre manager at Titjikala community clinic, has worked in Titjikala for the past 4 years which is a short time compared to Sophia Conway who has worked there for over 25 years.  David has worked in the indigenous health area for a long time...

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Suicide Story

Suicide Story is a culturally safe, suicide prevention program developed with and for remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory.  The program is a three-day workshop, grounded in the practices of ‘both-ways’ learning and comprised of story-telling, group...

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Zach Turner ALO @ Papunya

My name is Zac. I graduated from Clontarf Aboriginal College in 2016. Since leaving school, I helped with other programs like - RSAS, Waltja and Youth Program. I really enjoy working with youth and being a good role model for them. When I was a young man, I dreamed of...

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Youth Outreach Workers

Thirty-nine new youth outreach workers will be seen out and about from this week in their new roles supporting young Territorians and their communities. The Youth Outreach and Re-engagement Officers (YOREOs) began their youth support roles after graduation ceremonies...

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Catherine Satour

Catherine Satour started singing when she was about 9 years old, having music in her blood from her father Bunna Lawrie from the local band Coloured Stone. Catherine is an Arrernte and Mirning woman who lives in Alice Springs. Her music is a mix of rock and soul and...

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Aputula Community Finke History

Aputula is a small remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory. It is 317 kms south of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway and 159 km east of the Kulgera Roadhouse, near the South Australia and Northern Territory borders. The community, which was called...

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Purple houses

  Purple House was created 15 years ago with a goal to help Indigenous people with Dialysis. The money to open Purple House was raised by aboriginal people and was the first bush dialysis service in Australia. Since opening they have had funding from the government to...

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Ranger’s Campout at Hale River

Lenny, Charles and Tim were invited by the Santa Teresa Rangers on a country visit to Ambalindum Outstation with some of the youth and elders of the community. Lenny tells this story; Arriving at Ltyentye Apurta, Charles introduced me to some workers and residents and...

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Waltja’s Blanket Campaign

Waltja decided to take on a huge new challenge to help in emergencies. Answering the need for blankets in subzero winter nights, we sourced a supplier in China who would provide good quality large blankets at a reasonable price. The blankets were made especially for...

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Women’s Network Meetings

Welcome to Edition 63.  Thank you to the media team and staff for this great issue. Our media team are now traveling bush so please talk with them about getting your stories and photos into the next Family News. Waltja held two highly successful Indigenous Women’s...

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