Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

A dialysis nurse, Sheryl, was recruited to work for Purple house in the new dialysis unit in Mt Liebig and then 4 dialysis patients who had been stuck in Alice Springs could return to country and be with family in their communities for extended periods.
Some had not been home to country for years and were able to be in their homes and enjoy time with children and grandchildren.

At the same time as this Paddy (Sherryl’s husband) also came to Mt Liebig to run the Aged Care Centre. The community had requested that the Purple House become an aged care provider at Mt Liebig. The aim was to support dialysis patients and aged clients in the community with meals, day to day assistance and contribute to their wellbeing. An old building was turned into a place people could enjoy and relax in, do their artwork, watch movies and TV or just sit around and share stories.

Meetings were held with locals, the police and government representatives to explore ways of supporting each other to enhance the services for the community members.

The future looks exciting and we are busy looking at the ways we can facilitate the passing on of culture by reconnecting the younger people with the older people; doing arts and crafts, cultural activities, bush trips and other ideas prioritised by the community. The Aged care service has become a real hub for positive energy and optimism for Mt Liebig.