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Resources and Readings about Gambling Addiction

Aboriginal gambling and problem gambling : a review  Helen Breen & Sally Gainsbury  SCU 2012 

Family Wellbeing Cert II  HPNL 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9  Caring for Ourselves pdf

Inside the Brain of a Gambling Addict   BBC News

Loved Ones Guide – NCPG Booklet

Problem Gambling Family Violence NZ

The Difference Between an Addiction and a Compulsion, By Elizabeth Hartney, Guide

Gambling Addiction Blog

Software to block gambling sites from phones and computers 

Candy Crush addict

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

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Conversation – Micro-betting: a dangerous form of gambling luring in vulnerable Australians

Conversation – Designed to deceive – how gambling distorts reality and hooks your brain

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We’re told to ‘gamble responsibly’.  But what does that actually mean?

Gambling in Australian Culture – more than just a day at the races

Whats to know about gambling addiction

Pathological Gambling: A Critical Review

North American Foundation for Gambling Addiction Statistics Of Gambling Addiction 2016

 Australia’s escalating addiction to gambling

Software to block gambling sites from phones and computers

Pokie Payout Percentages (RTP)

Relationships Australia Online Gambling and Advertising submission

Relationships Australia Submission on Prevention and Treatment of Problem Gambling




Money Matters from italkstudios

Don’t get bitten by the Loan Shark.

Don’t get bitten by your credit card

Saving money for Christmas presents for the kids

Borrowing money and paying interest

An introduction to superannuation

Lending money to family

Gambling Stories from ICTV

Lucky Billy (Card Story 1)

KEEP IT IN COMMUNITY! Everyone loves Lucky Billy and wants him to achieve his football dreams. With an AFL selector in town, he’s keen to make a good impression. His grand-father gives him money for new boots, but it’s not quite enough. Will Billy take what he has or will he risk everything for his dream boots? In remote Indigenous Australia, getting new footie boots is never quite as simple as you think. Lucky Billy is one of a series of short videos made in Amoonguna, NT, as part of the ICTV ‘Card Stories’ project, 2016. The series was directed by Thomas Big Bear Saylor.

Happy Birthday (Card Story 2)

YOU CAN’T EAT CARDS When Ida sells a painting for a lot of money, everyone in the community wants a part of her success. George wants chardonnay, Kevin wants his son to have a good birthday and Celine wants a new car. Happy Birthday is one of a series of short videos made in Amoonguna, NT, as part of the ICTV ‘Card Stories’ project, 2016. The series was directed by Thomas Big Bear Saylor.

Close Call (Card Story 3)

Gamble Safely – know when to stop! The third in the Card Stories series. In this short film we spend the day with Isaiah as he watches his neighbours play cards. The card stories project was filmed in Amoonguna in 2016 and was directed by Thomas Big Bear Saylor.

Episode 1 – Ida’s Dreaming Place

Ida earns money from her painting and she loves to play cards. She has a dream to have her own place, so when she earns money she puts some aside for the things that matter.

Episode 2 - Lucky's Choice

Lucky has a lucky stone that he believes helps him win. He misses out on life opportunities because he only wants to play cards.

Episode 3 - Bush Trip

Ursula loves to play cards. Sometimes sitting in the card game too long causes problems. She misses out on family time and feels alone. Staying close to family and culture makes you strong.