Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

Nintiringtjaku Workers

Nintiringtjaku workers are senior Aboriginal people who organise training, research, community consultations or special visits on their own communities. Waltja started Nintiringtjaku work to enable senior people to assist non-Aboriginal people to do good work in communities, and to make sure the Aboriginal people working with them would get proper skills, training, and pay for their work.

We have continued to work with Desert Knowledge CRC to progress this valuable work by working together to produce a guide to working the right way with communities. The resource, entitled “Aboriginal Knowledge and Intellectual Property Protocol Community Guide”, recently won an award acknowledging the good work of the Nintiringtjaku workers.

Nintiringtjaku workers help visitors by:

  • Helping to plan visits to the community
  • Helping to organise events, and letting everyone know what is happening
  • Talking up the events and making sure people come along
  • Standing up with the visitors and introducing themselves
  • Making sure everyone understands everything – interpreting, asking questions, sharing knowledge
  • Giving advice and feedback to visitors
  • Helping to get feedback from the community

Nintiringtjaku workers get paid a good fair wage for their work. It is casual work. Waltja can help organise for Nintiringtjaku workers to work with other organisations, and we hope all organisations think about using this kind of model in their own work.

Waltja Directors and other community members have done Nintiringtjaku work to support the Money Management project and the Community Walks project in 2011 and 2012.