Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi

'Doing Good Work with Families'

One of the issues when driving around in any remote community for the first time is finding your way. There are no maps of the community on display. We asked the women what they would like doing for their CDP activities. They all liked doing art work. We arranged for the men to pick up old car bonnets thinking we could use them for “You are here’ signs. The women wanted to produce a sign for every major building in the Community. The first bonnet was painted black ready for the women to paint their magic. As a group they discussed the layout of the community then painted the buildings and roads in white. The first sign took up to 3 months to complete and was placed out the front of the WYDAC building. We had another discussion about ensuring that all signs were geographically correct depending on where you were facing while reading the sign. The next 8 signs were finished quickly. The men who painted the fronts and backs of the car bonnets and placed them in front of the buildings were just as proud of the final results as the women who painted them. The women showed a lot of passion and commitment for this project. There are still a few more signs to complete but you won’t get lost when you come to Nyirripi!