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Whatever Waltja does, culture is in the centre of what we do and we hold that strong.” Statement from Waltja Directors’ Meeting, Eastern MacDonnell Ranges, NT, May 2014.

Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation (Waltja) is an Aboriginal controlled community-based organisation, which does good work with families, grounded in strong culture and relationships.  We work in remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities, across nine languages and across more than one quarter of the Northern Territory. Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi is in the Luritja language. It literally means “families, for everybody, really good together”, or the short version, “doing good work with families”. Waltja is governed by a Board of Directors who are senior traditional Aboriginal women, permanent residents and leaders in the remote communities where we work.

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In Waltja, everyone works well together, keeping Waltja strong and friendly – Directors, workers and community. Waltja is home. One family” April Martin, Chairperson.

In November 2014, Waltja was awarded the Reconciliation Australia Indigenous Governance Award for the best-governed Indigenous organisation in Australia.  Chair of the judging panel, Professor Mick Dodson, said Waltja has been doing good governance for a very long time, keeping culture at the heart of the work.  He said, “Waltja is one of the best organisations I have encountered; the best in Australia.”

2016 Executive Directors

Chairperson April Martin

Public Officer Isobel Gorey

Executive Member Irene Nangala

Executive Member Rachel Tilmouth

Executive Member Enid Gallagher

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Latest News from Waltja

From the Manager

Welcome to Edition 62 Waltja has been having an amazing time since our last magazine came out. Whenever we spend time with community members we always feel energized and refocused on why we work the way we do! Over the past few months Waltja has travelled to 15 of the...

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Day trip to the Clay Pans

Waltja and friends went on a day trip to clay pans for a bbq. The weather was perfect and the clay pans were pristine after the recent rain here in Alice Springs, Central Australia. We had damper, kangaroo tail, sweet potato, potato and salad. Irene Nangala, Waltja’s...

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Kapaliku ngurra yirritinguru Video

Kapaliku ngurra yirritinguru (Our Grandmother ancestors have been here forever) is a community-based arts project working with Aboriginal people in Kintore through workshops with Senior Women Elders and young women.

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Waltja’s Family Mental Health Team

It has been a very busy for the Family Mental Health Team! Firstly the team would like to welcome Sylvana Marks from Finke as the new Family Mental Health Community Worker. We are excited to have her as part of the team. Sylvana has been working closely with NPY...

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K.I.T.E.S (Kids In town Engaged in School)

KITES is a school program for children aged 5 to 12 years old, we do take older kids, who are from remote areas and are visiting Alice Springs for a short time. We have a bus to collect children, although it is easier for us if families can deliver their children to...

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What is Suicide?

“Suicide is when someone takes their own life”. No one really knows why someone decides to take their own life? One day they look happy and normal the next thing the shock of hearing bad news of suicide hits everyone. Suicide can happen to anyone. Its not something...

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